Special report no 19/2015: More attention to results needed to improve the delivery of technical assistance to Greece

Press Release

The Task Force for Greece was established in 2011 by the European Commission to support implementation of the Economic adjustment programme with a broad range of technical assistance. This report examines whether the task force fulfilled its mandate and whether the assistance provided for Greece made an effective contribution to the reform process. We found that overall the task force
proved itself as a functioning mechanism for delivering and co-ordinating complex technical assistance activities. However, there were weaknesses in the design of some projects and only mixed results in terms of influence on the progress of reform.

European Court of Auditors recommends the following future actions: 

(a) The establishment of any entity for delivering TA should be based on a strategy with well-defined objectives.
(b) The Commission should create a pool of external experts who could be deployed on an ad hoc basis on TA projects in Member States.
(c) In view of ensuring the coherence of TA and reduc- ing the coordination effort, in specific policy fields the Commission should aim at streamlining the number of partners.
(d) TA should be prioritised and focused and operate through the most appropriate and effective imple- mentation mode in accordance with the existing legislative and regulatory framework.
(e) The Commission should select service providers based on a comparative analysis and clearly define the scope of deliverables in TA contracts.
(f) The Commission should ensure that the imple- mentation of TA is systematically monitored and evaluated in the light of objectives set, and lessons learned fed back into the process.
(g) TA should focus on strengthening the capacity of national administrations with a view to business continuity and the sustainability of reforms.
The report is available here
Source: Special report no 19/2015: More attention to results needed to improve the delivery of technical assistance to Greece. European Court of Auditors. 16/02/2016.